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The Affordable Care Act and The Insurance Agent

Statement of Knowledge, skills and abilities the license is expected to obtain through the completion of this course:

This is an introductory course that will cover very important material in 2 hours, so it is not expected to provide in-depth coverage of the topics.

Students will obtain an understanding of the purpose and functions of a health insurance exchange. They will also be able to describe the kinds of health plans and other coverage that exchanges offer.

Additionally, students will be able to describe the financial assistance available through an exchange to certain low- and moderate-income individuals and their dependents and explain how individuals can enroll in exchange plans.

Students will get basic knowledge to demonstrate an understanding of the types of consumer assistance available through the exchanges, and the role the law envisions for agents and brokers in federally facilitated and partnership exchanges.

The types of Networks and the cost structure of health plans will also be presented in the course, so it is expected that licenses will have the capacity to explain those concepts to.

Detailed outline of the course showing approximate times for major topics: